Thursday, November 11, 2010

Song Quotes :3

Song Quotes from songs in my iPhone! :D
Okay, seriously! I was bored as hell! And I've always wanted to do this!
Although.. I wanna stick them together to make some awesome statements.
Maybe you can join them together and see what you get? And leave a comment to see!!
Here goes!

Owl City - Cave In
"Please take a long hard look through your textbook cause I'm HISTORY" [Hell yeah]
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
"Her eyes makes the stars look like their not shining"

Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes
"Cause I got a sweet tooth, that'll never come loose. And the truth of the matter is! I like girls, they like me! " ;)

Faithfully - Journey
"I'm forever yours... Faithfully" <3

I Like That - Static Revenger & Richard Vission
"My body rocks the rhythm, you beat my drum hard!" [I like that! :D ]

Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
"It really makes me wonder if I ever gave a FUCK about you!" [That's right]

Beautiful - Akon
"Like the clouds you, drifting me away. Far away.. And like the sun you, brighten the day" [ :) ]

Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects
"You can sing along I hope that it puts you through Hell!" (Y)

If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland Ft. Katy Perry
"Say what's somebody like you, doin in a place like this?" [1 2 3 COME ON!]

Forever - Chris Brown
"Gazing your eyes got me saying. What a Beautiful lady, no depends or maybe's. I'm releasing my heart and I'm feeling amazing. There's no one that matters, you love me." [Forever ever eva!!!]

The Take Over, The Breaks Over - Fall Out Boy
"Baby, seasons change but People Don't!" [Life lessons there!]

Top of The World - The All-American Rejects
"Fighting the day I wanna be you, when the top of the world falls on you." [Don't be filled with pride]

All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
"All I ever wanted to see you smiling, all I ever wanted was to make you mine. I know that I love you oh baby why can't you see that all I ever wanted was you and me?" [TECHNO RIFT]

OMG - Usher
"Got me like oh my gosh! I'm sooo in love, I've found you finally."
[D= Oh! Oh! Oh oh oh! Oh! Oh!]

The Reason - Hoobastank
"I found a reason for me, the change who I used to be... And the reason is YOU" [Funny how we change for the people we love]

Because Of You - Ne-yo
"I'm taken by the thought of Thee" *dreams*

It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
"I look at you with such disdain" [looks down]

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft Rihanna
"If she ever tries to leave again, ima tie her to the bed and set this house on fire." [Burn motherfucker burn! Burn!]

Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
"If I could find you now things would get better" [Missing You]

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
"I walk (A Lone)ly road, the only one I've ever known" [I walk alone.]

Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales
"We had a promise made.. We were in Love" [In love]

One Step at a time - Jordin Sparks
"Everything that you always dreamed of, close enough for you to taste, but you just can't touch" [frustrating]

Insomnia - Craig David
"And then you walked into my life and it was all about us" [Us us US!!]

Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls
"All the time I wasted on you, All the bullshit you put me through" [Love forever!!! But now its over!! Na na na na!!]

Magic - B.o.B.
"I've got the magic in me! When I hit the floor! The girls comes snapping at me! Everybody wants the best of magic!" [I got the magic in me!!]

Always Hurt - David Choi
"I don't wanna give my heart to someone new. I've been there before and it was my heart she tore in two."
[Awwww..*sad version*]

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
"~Never gonna give you up!,
~Never gonna let you down!
~Never gonna run around and
~Hurt you!" [ You got Rick-Rolled Bitches!]

Jenny - The Click Five
"First you say you won't! Then you say you will. You keep me hanging on, but were not moving on.." [Its killin meee]

Apologize - One Republic
"I need you like a heart needs a beat" *thump thump*

Blame it On The Girls - Mika
[I don't need a quote for this! Wahahah!!]

Just The Girl - The Click Five
"She laughs at my dreams but I dream about her laughter"

Nothin' On You - B.o.B.
"No other girls on my brain. And you the one to blame!" [OOOOhoooOOOOhoooo]

I Got A Feelin' - Black Eyed Peas
"Wooooooohooooooooo! That tonights gonna be a good night" [Alll righhhhhht]

Cosmic Castaway - Electrasy
"But I'm not broken, and ill dream my way. I'll take over cause I'm no loser" [damn right]

Breakin' - The All-American Rejects
"You take, take! Everything that wasn't even yours.. But wait, Wait! You don't got a hold of me anymore" [cya]

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
"Ima get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight" [Hehe]

Favourite DJ - Clinton Sparks ft Jermain Dupree
"Let me here you say. GO Go! Said Go Deejay!" [Party!!]

Way I Are - Timbaland ft.Keri Hilson
"I aint got no money" [So true..]

Ignorance - Paramore
"Well its nice to meet you sir! I guess I'll go. I'll be on my way now!" [Ignores]

Yeah 3x - Chris Brown
"Hold you glasses up! People everywhere! Now everybody put your hands in the air say!" [YEAH EEE YEAH E YEAH!!]

Memories - David Guetta
"All the crazy shit I did tonight.. Those will be the best memories" [OO o OO o Oooo hooo]

Okay, It's Alright With Me - David Hutchinson
"It never comes easily. And when it does I'm already gone" :)

Umbrella Beach - Owl City
"I'll spread my wings and Fly" ^^

Hero-Heroine - Boys Like Girls
"Cause you caught me off guard.. Now I'm running a screaming..." [Weeee]

Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
"The silence isn't so bad. Till I look at my hands and feel sad.. Cause spaces between fingers are right where yours fit perfectly" :(

That's What You Get - Paramore
"I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating" </3

In My Head - Jason Derulo
"In my head! I! See! You! All over me!" [Oh lala]

Digital Love - Daft Punk
"Oh.. I don't know what to do.. About this dream and you... I wish this dream comes true" [have faith]

Dj Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher
"Hands up! Though suddenly we all got our hands up!" *raises hand*

Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park
"Sometimes beginnings arents so simple.. Sometimes goodbyes the only way" [understanding]

Knock You Down - Keri Hilson / Ne-Yo / Kanye West
"When it knocks you down.. Just get back up when it knocks you down" [strength!]

Hey! Soul Sister - Train
"Way you can cut a rug! Watching you is my only drug! I need some gangsta, I'm so thug. Your the only one
I'm dreaming of you see.. I can be myself now finally, infact there's nothing I can't be. I want the world to see you be.. With me" [Soo in love]

By My Side - David Choi
"I just wanna hold you, I just wanna kiss you.. I just wanna love you all my life.. I normally wouldn't say this but I just can't contain it. I want you here forever.. Right by my side" [Lasting]

Learning To Fall - Boys Like Girls
"I took one big step and I looked away, and I thought of all the things I wanted to say. I'm always too late! You never got your story straight!" [Speak your mind]

All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
"I got soul but I'm not a soldier" [hold on]

Mary Jane - The Click Five
"I didn't cry the day you moved away.. Until I saw the stranger that was you." [Strangers to lovers to strangers]

Spaceman - The Killer
"The storm maker says it aint so bad, the dream makers gonna mad. The space man says everyone look down, its all in your mind." [Its not as bad as you think]

Fireflies - Owl City
"Cause I get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs." *Hugs*

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
"Laughing on the park bench thinking to myself.. Isn't this eeeeaasssyyyyy?" [Confidence in what feels right]

Touch My Hand - David Archuleta
"Something bout the look in your eyes.. Something bout your beautiful face..." [Hey beautiful.. Smile =]

Saltwater Room - Owl City
"Time together isnt ever quite enough.. When you and I are alone, I've never felt so at home." [Alone time is important]

Starlight - Muse
"Hold you in my arms.. I just wanted to hold... You in my arms...." [Grabs into arms]

Bulletproof - La Roux
"I'll never let you sweep me off my feet. This time baby. I'll be Bulletproof!" *ricochet sound*

Stereo Love - Edward Maya
"I can fix up those lies. Oh baby baby run but their running to you. You ask me cry. I'm hiding inside. My heart is in pain but I'm smiling for you" :')

All On Our Own - Midnight Youth
"And I can see the world.. From a view that never stops.. And if we hold hands we can do this.. Be a dream that life's forgot." [Take a leap of faith tonight]

Remedy - Little Boots
"No more poison killing my emotions, I will not be frozen. Dancing is my remedy remedy!" *dances*

Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
"When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed." [Keep me in your memory.. Leave out all the rest]

I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I Try To Get You Off -
Fall Out Boy
"Last years wishes are this years Apologies"

You & Me - Lifehouse
"Cause its you & me.. And all the people with nothing to do and nothing to lose"

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
"If I lay here, If I just lay here... Would you lie with me and just forget the world.." [Into the sky]

New Perspective - Panic! At The Disco
"Stop there! And let me correct it. I wanna live a life from a new perspective" [catch me up I'm getting outta here]

The Man Who Can't Be Move - The Script
"Cause if one day you wake up and find that your missing me. And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be.. Then you'd come back to the place where'd we meet." [I'm not moving]

Grenade - Bruno Mars
"I'd catch a grenade for ya..
Throw my head on blade for ya..
Jump infront of a train for ya..
You know I'd do anything for ya
Oooh I would go through all this pain..
Take a bullet right through my brain!
Yes I would Die for ya..
But you won't do the same.. You wouldn't do the same"

Pearl - Katy Perry
"Oh she used to be a pearl.. Oh yeah she used to rule the world.. Can't believe she's become a shell of herself.. Cause she used to be a pearl.."

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
"I won't hesitate no more, no more. It cannot wait.. I'm Yours!" [MMmmmmhmmm]

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
"I might have to wait, I'll never give up. I guess its half timing and the other half's luck" [it so is]

For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic - Paramore
"I never wanted to say this, you never wanted to stay! I put my faith in you, soo much faith and then you. Just threw it away!" [Cherish]

Mr. Brightside - The Killers
"Jealousy, turning saints into the sea. Turning music Lulabyes. Joking on your allabys but its just the price I pay, destiny is me. Open up my eager eyes.. Cause I'm Mr. Brightside.

Hedley - Perfect
"I'm Not Perfect But I Keep Trying, Cause That's What I Said I Would Do From The Start" [Persevere]

Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
"And now that I'm strong I have figured out, how this world turns cold and it breaks through my souls. And I know deep inside me.. I can be the one." [I know I can be the one]

Mine - Taylor Swift
"Do you remember we were sitting there by the water, you your arm around me for the first time. I fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter.
You are the best thing, that ever been MINE" [You are]

Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo
"Putting on my shades to cover up my eyes! Jumping in my ride, I'm heading out tonight. I'm solo. I'm Ridin' Solo" [cheeyah]

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
"And I want you to know. You couldn't have loved me better, but I want you to move on. So I'm already gone." [Moving on]

Human - The Killers
"Are we human. Or are we dancer?"

Built To Last - Melee
"Most of all. Its built to last"

The Only Exception - Paramore
"You are the only exception. And I'm on my way to believing.."

Mr. Right - A Rocket To The Moon
"You could be the best of me when I'm the worst for you"

Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon
"Will he Love you like I Love you? Will he tell you everyday? Will he make you feel invincible with every word he'll say.. Can you promise me if this is right, don't throw it all away.. Can you do all these things? Will you do all these things? Like we used to...."

[Info: like she used to promise each other to not throw it away even though he did all those things. He still ended being thrown away.. Ironic or sarcasm?]
88 songs

Fuck You - Cee-Lo Green
"Oh shit she's a gold digga! Just thought you should know nigga!"

In Miami Bitch - LMFAO

We Speak No Americano - Yolanda De Cool
"Pa pa Americano!"

I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
"I! I! I like it! I! I! I like it!"

Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert
"Whataya Want From Mehhhh!?!" [DUH]

Dynamite - Taio Cruz
"I throw my hands up in the air some times saying AYYYOOOO!" [Fking Gaybo!] Hahahah!!

Solo - Iyaz
"I don't wanna walk ESS OHH ELLL OHH!"

Waka Waka - Shakira
"Waka Waka EH EH!" [Whatda fucka EH EH!]

Don't Trust Me - 3!OH!3
"You tell you boyfriend.. If he says he's god beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I aint fucking scared of him!" [She wants to touch me Woohoo?]

Shots - LMFAO ft.Lil Jon
"The ladies love us! When we pour shots! They need an excuse.. To suck our cocks! Suck my cock!" [Wahaha!!!]

Starstrukk - 3!OH!3
"Nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go!" [WOOHOO!
*whistle* ]

Lil Jon Gets Warped - Lil Jon

Took the Night - Chelley Alvaro Remix
"Hey hey, hey hey hey! I don't care what these chicks say. Yeah I took the night!" [Wooooooop wooop wop wop woooooooop wop wop wop wop!] LOL

To be great you have to?
Work it.
Make it.
Do it.
Makes us.
Wise words from the almighty Daft Punk!
102 songs :D

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Arrogance. Ignorance.

Damn its been a while since I've touched this blog..
June, July, August, September, October..
Its finally November!
5 months since my previous post.
And I'm wondering.. How is everyone?
If your reading this I'd love to catch up and know how you've been..
I know I haven't kept in contact with many others.. And I have no real good reason to excuse me for not doing so..
So drop me a msg? Or comment? Or msn? Twitter? Or simple! Facebook me.

Back to the title!

Don't those two words just stick out like a sore thumb? Especially when you find these in someone we know?

Both have similarities yet their different..

Definition : "Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities"

Definition: "Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated"
(In this case, people who choose to be ignorant, intentional or not)

How to start this?

Still Thinking*

Okay let's just put it out..
Most of us, if not all of us.. kinda hates people who are arrogant and ignorant..
Let's not put hate.. Say dislike.
We generally don't have good vibes to someone who portrays an image of either of the two..

Similarities between them..
I'd have to say that their both quite negative attributes to one person.

Arrogance is more intentional than ignorance..

One can choose to be arrogant to people or not.. Simply by holding back his/her pride..
Ignorance on the other hand..
Well. Unintentionally.. One could just not know about something and say something that could accidentally get themselves into trouble.. Just by not knowing it.. (Regardless if they should have known or not)

If done intentionally, like purposefully ignored something and then not knowing what needs to be done and what's not supposed to be done.. Then its their fault.. And yes they deserve whatever punishment or treatment as they failed as a proper human to take in necessary things. Things that are essential to getting a job done right.

Simple as the definition has said.
Basically. Pride.
Oh so filled with pride.
Who honestly can say they do not know a single person whom u can say is arrogant and full of pride?
There's always someone..

Its always understandable for everyone to have a little bit of that pride that comes up once in a while.. But I don't mind it and it isn't really a huge deal..

But those that constantly hammer people with their words.. Flaunting what they have.. Money, Appearances, Friends even Grades!
And worst of all.... Their "rights".. Their rights to always being right.. Ridiculous.

(I must admit at times I myself think I'm always right...)

Let's face it.. People like them.. What's really going on in their mind?
Do they have like some sick idea that their always better than everyone? I guess so.
Like the world needs to know how great I am and acknowledge them? I guess so too.

Many a times have I come so close to whacking some sense into people.. But have never.. Yet...

So to all those people..
Why do you think this way?
I mean honestly?
Do u like people thinking of you in a negative manner..
Do you like being above everyone?
Sure u could be the excellent at something.. But there's always someone better.
Does the response of "yeah yeah" from others not sound sarcastic? With a hint of "I don't wanna hear your bullshit"

If you realise that there's something wrong about you.. Well then its time to make an effort to change..
Try once in a while to keep something to yourself..
ESPECIALLY when a friend's really excited about something..
You don't have to always tell a story to be one up from your friend..
What are you trying to achieve? Honestly?
Making yourself look better? or being a douche by making him look bad..

Now let's move on to ignorance..
Okay I'll leave aside the unintentional ignorance bit..
Word of advice to those who get into trouble accidentally without knowing it.. Try ask more questions next time if your unsure of anything.. Safe then sorry right?

Those who choose to be ignorant..
We know your excuses..
"Its none of my business"
"Don't ask don't tell"
"I saw it but.. I cbb."

Bah list goes on..

Ignorance is bliss....
Sure. Definitely it is!
Until you actually need to know something.

I'm curious to why they like to know nothing about others..
Is it that they don't want to know so they don't have responsibility or liability of anysort?
That's so selfish though..
But it does show that no one really knows you..
If you don't take the time to know others, its likely you don't take the time to share with others..
Or worse. Time to get to know yourself..
which I guess could be a reason.. You don't know yourself that your doing such things..
Not knowing the repercussions of your actions.. Because you didn't think about it..

(Hmm.. I guess ignorance that's accidental could infact be intentional.. But not always done in a malice kind of manner as you might not know what you have done.. By not knowing) ahhhh mindfuck*

Oh man this is tough..

More specific things then..
Ignorant to others..
Not getting involved as you don't like responsibility..
If you don't like having responsibility.. How can u say you care for your friends?
It takes time and effort to look out for others.. And that definitely is a responsibility as a friend..
Even worse.. Your lovers.
Ignoring their needs = your grave.
Remember! Needs! Not wants! :)
I mean its both yours and his/her responsibility to look out for one another..
Keep them company when they need you.. Through the highs and lows..
You have to get involved in their life inorder to get anywhere..
Discussing the tough topics before going further on in a relationship.
If you don't respect those things u NEED to have.. Then it will never work.. Other than the basis of pure lust.. Then that's shallow.. Which means:
For a guy.. Your an Ass.
For a girl.. Well ur a bitch.
Put it in real terms.. Harsh but.. Its true..

See that's 1 great thing I don't get!
How can a guy be such a douche but still get the good girls (good as in just amazing girls.. Not just physically)
Fancy pancy cliche words.. Which mean nothing other than a trip to get a home run. -.-
Pisses me off so damn much.

I'm alittle off topic but stay with me here!

So is it the girl being ignorant to not see through the boys lies? Even after friends have told her otherwise?
Or is it just being blinded by love?

Tough topic. Up for discussion! Leave a comment on that!

Been 8 months in the army.. Feels like at least double that!
I want to go back to nz and outta this country! Its lacking something.. And I feel like I'm lacking something.

Don't get me wrong!
I'm extremely contempt with what I have here..
I have great friends,
I have fun on the weekends.
There's just the aspect of someone close that's missing..
Yeah I don't really need to say it to catch what I'm trying to show..

Somehow I always make this blog seem so sad and depressing..
The fact it! I am happy.. In many ways.. Minus the 1 on top I pointed out..
I feel like the only idiot that smiles in public transport..
And one of the few who actually have their heads up walking in public..
Its saddening! This whole country has people in such depressed moods.. Its hard not for it to be caught..
I realise something.. Where the hells the positivity in this place?
Why is there discrimination everywhere? Where's the encouragement or enlightenment of any sort?
Are we so work focused to not enjoy ourselves?
Countless of times I see people have a laugh one moment to a gloomy face right after..

Asian countries are depressing I tell you..
The term work things out with people like doesn't exist.. Its straight to conflict..
What happened to really trying? Even though your in such a heated situation. In the end it will turn out alright cause they want to understand one another.. And well.. Forgive and move on..
Because that's what true friends do.. They learn from one another.
Tolerance is needed.
Where is the tolerance?
All I see are people backstabbing one another because of 1 incident..
Complaining to one another..
Telling the world about how bad someone is..
I mean come one! 1 wrong doesn't make a right!
If you choose to do the same as the person who has wronged you..
Then you've sunked just as low as he/she has.. And your no better as a human.

We need to learn to be resistant to such bullshit in people.
Its inevitable that we will encounter someone who will piss the shit out of us.
But what counts is how we react to it..
And please don't give yourself excuses to why you can't control your temper.
Its a choice. YOUR choice.

And yeah..
I'm signing this off.

Leave me a comment!
On the top about how things have been!
Also the discussion about ignorance in love..
and the things I pointed out at the end!

Please leave some feedback!
if not! Some topics :D

Cheers all,
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Saturday, May 29, 2010


"A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy."

Wow.. Its been nearly 2 months since I said I was gonna revive this blog.. 
But I guess I've been rather busy with army and stuff.. 
So I didnt feel like using my time to blog my views as I want to enjoy my weekends.
Since now I have time.. And feeling kinda crap..

I Miss Everyone...

I'll start off my discussion with reference from my Field Camp experience..

I'll just explain what that is first.

Field camp is a 6 day 5 night training for recruits to experience the outside.
No bunks.. just tents.. or the hard floor under the open sky..
Learning to fight in different combat situation..  

Well I can say it was absolutely shit...
The weather was the main cause..
Throughout the entire camp I felt really kinda depressed.. 
The slightest thought could bring me to tears but I distracted myself with randomness with jokes and positive thinking... Ignoring everything I missed..
With rain pouring everyday.. 
There was never a moment where my feet felt dry..
Never a point where my uniform didn't stink of the stench of wet grass and mud..
Imagine trying to sleep on the hard ground.. at 1am.. only to be awoken every single night with rain pouring at around 3.45am every morning..
for 5 nights.. even after a hard days training..

On the 4th night..
WELL! All of us recruits call it Operation Teardrop..
Its when the Commanders will turn out all the recruits to form up.. 
Where we get tortured physically and verbally...
All on purpose to make us feel useless and defeated..
And for good reasons too..

Our parents writes us letters, which get given out during field camp..
They threatened to burn these letters right in front of us..
They did burn some.. but fortunately were fakes to scare us..

Some of the things they said really hit me...
I felt its was so unfair.. Too generalized to the average Singaporean...
Statements like..
"You guys keep taking advantage of us right?"
"Go home this weekend and let your mother or maid do all the washing"
"While you go out with your friends whom you havent seen in 2 weeks.. Two weeks only! think its like forever issit"
"Dont know how to appreciate the people around you.. Only know how to take advantage and benefit from their kindness.."

The suck thing is...
My mom isnt around.. and wont be for the next year...
I do my own washing.. always have.. 
So dont tell me I just chuck my laundry to someone else to do..
I spent 5 hours cleaning the night I came back.. I slept at 4.30am just to clean my stuff..

My friends?
I havent seen them in 3 months.. (Has it only been 3 months?.. Feels soo long..)
And I wont see them for another 2 years..
Now you tell me how crap I felt when I heard "haven't seen in 2 weeks"
I dont get to talk to them often..
I have no way of contact with any of them during the weekdays...
I DONT have any of my closest friends to talk to inside of camp..

I DO appreciate my friends..
I just dont have any close ones here..
Its hard being in a country you dont have grounding in..
No real friends you can trust.. cause that takes time.

I miss everyone..
I miss NZ
I miss my friends
I miss my family..
I miss.. Just someone whom I can count on...

This leads me to my point...
The only reason the commanders do this was to wake us up..
For people to realize just how Complacent we are with things around us.. And how wrong of us to feel that way about how we treat people..

Lets start with our parents..
How many here can honestly say they show their parents how much you appreciated them for everything they've done for you..
Watching you grow..
Nurturing you to the person who you are today..
Supporting you through your hardships and troubles..
How much they actually do for you..
Do we really know the extent in which they would go just to see us safe?
We really do not know how much they care for us...
We dont know cause we dont have children of our own..
So we can never really know till the day comes and you have 1 for your own..

And wouldn't you love your child to say how much they appreciate you?
But then again... You can expect them to..
Cause you yourself didnt do it as a child..
And you'd wonder to yourself how your parents continued on and helped you even when you took advantage of everything they do..
Its hard for them so dont make it harder by thinking about yourself..
How complacent are we to our mistreatment of the closest people in our lives..? Our Parents.

We sometimes give ourselves the excuse of "He didnt do that so why should I do it to?"
So... Why should your kid treat you with kindness and respect when you yourself didnt do so when you were a child?
Its a simple questions...
Why do we take advantage?
Cause they dont ask for anything back?
Its cause they love us for who we are..
Its something we cant possibly grasp..

What I'm trying to say is...
You dont want to wake up one day...
And finally realize something..
On a certain tragic day..
The day 1 of them pass away..
Where you regret things you've never done or said..
WE ALL have that feeling of how regretful we would feel if that happened..
But Why do we delay it?

I don't know..
For I do it too..

Its up to you to do something about it..

Our Loved ones..
BF/GF Best friends.. 
Where do I begin?

I guess theres a point in time in a relationship where we are so used to one another..
That we tend to get bored..
We forget the reason that you two are together in the first place..
Cause your in love...
Being bored is normal..
There's only so much 1 can interest you...

We lose sight..
I guess how people begin to cheat on one another..
Loss of interest.. due to familiarity of one another..
The repetition of things..
Start searching for something new.. 
But subconsciously not knowing just how much your throwing away..
All for a new experience, a risk.. Its all or nothing...
A sick idea that you can just fall back to what was there before after your endeavor goes south..
But we all know thats not how it works..
In the end both sides will go through hardship...

Just how selfish are you to even think of doing such a thing though..
How could you risk such a thing just for the sake of having something new whilst not thinking of the consequences..

Cheating is one thing.. probably the worst..
Lets go down to a lower level..

Simple things like.. Assuming things..
After time we tend to have expectations of one another...
And we always assume a certain pattern..

From there on.. Anything off the norm is wrong...

Things get heated over the littlest things..
As we tolerate certain things in the beginning..
But as they repeat.. the Patience drops...
Tension increases..
Arguments arise..
Frequency Increases..
Break up..

I know its such a sad and unfair way to put it...
Especially in such simple and general terms which hardly show the complexity of how it really happens..
But that is how it happens in the most basic way to put it...

To be really honest though...
I really have no idea..
I have no experience..
It never progressed far enough to experience it..
I'm just guessing and trying to express something I dont truly know..

1 things for sure..
You Never Know What You Got Till Its GONE.

Simple as that.
Dont take advantage of anything or anyone..
Show them you apprieciate..
Cause 1 day It just might be over..
And then you'd regret having things left unsaid..
Things never dont..
Things you wish you never did..
Regret not trying hard enough..
All because we assume the other was feeling the way you are..
Complacent with what you had even though you know somethings wrong..

Lazy or Blind?
I dont know..
Its different in every situation.

Thats all I really got on this..

So people, WAKE UP.
Dont be complacent with anything.
Its simple as that.
The greatest fall comes when we are..
Regrets come of not doing things come from it..
You hurt others without realizing till its too late and its all gone..
Dont take advantage of others..
Take care of your friends and family..
Tell people you appreiciate them for everything they've done even if its just the smallest thing..
It can make someone smile..
Don't hold back anything if it makes someone that bit happier about themselves!

Goodnight all,

"Familiarity tends to breed complacency"

Sunday, April 4, 2010


As you all would know im in the army.. for 2 LONG years... -.-
Nothing too exciting about that!

I've decided to revive this blog..
Just for the fact that I find it wasteful to forget the things I think are meaningful and helpful to people around the world.
Truths I think I've discovered about the mind through the never ending musing sessions of life.

I'll try my best to post once a week..
It depends on what I've got up in my head...
Topics on life and happenings..
The works on what I think is the reason. For everything we do.

Goals for this refreshed blog?
An interesting look.. into an interested reader..
One who wants to discover ones inner feelings without someone pin pointing them. Allowing them to realize and correct ones self before wronging another in the world.

I want the reader to try be honest with themselves about who they are..
What they think about.. And possibly find the reasons to why they think certain things..

Like how your mind tends to handle certain situations!
Are u an optimist or a pessimist?

Don't want readers to read my posts and criticize it in anyway.
Its my opinion in life.
Be open minded.
The fact is. No 1 thinks exactly the same.

I want people to learn about themselves..
I'll try to do so through example as I myself discover me through the analysis of my own thoughts and feelings.

So be sure to keep an eye out for future posts!
I got nothing right now..
But I'll think of something ;D


Big Block Of Space.

Big Space.

Spacing out the Past.

The Reminder shall be put aside.

Past is the Past.

What is done is done.

There's no use in reliving it through the words I once wrote.

So here is the spacing.

The Gap.

But! If your curious on the past.. The by all means read the old posts!


Monday, November 9, 2009

The Year Of Change..

What more can I say?
Happy Birthday..?

Those 2 words are meaningless if you don't have any good terms with someone..
Its more of a statement to show you know its their day of birth.. Nothing more.

Needless to say I'm not wishing you.. And I Don't Really Know Why..
Its not that I can't, its more along the lines of I won't..
I did not forget.. I never would.. I can't even if i tried.
Its embedded in my head.. Set in stone..

As I type this out.. I'm lost for words..
I don't know why.. Why?
Aside from the obvious of the great disappointment and anger I have..
Theres an underlying factor.. I just cant get my finger on it..

Perhaps its the fact he's still there and I'm not..
Perhaps I feel its a matter of time before your little world crumbles before your very eyes..
Perhaps deep down inside me.. I'm still waiting for your sincere apology..
No matter how doubtful I am that its ever gonna happen.. Its still a lingering thought.
You have your reasons and I have mine..
I've made mine clear to you.. I've been truthful time and time again..
You've always been secretive, so shut up inside your home that you wouldn't let me in..

Perhaps.. I'm just..
Waiting for the day you'll make the effort I deserve to actually try fix it..
You and I know it WAS possible.. But you didn't help me at all.
Maybe there's a tiny bit of me that wishes we could be friends once again..
There's always this part of me that hurts every time I think of you..
I resent you.. For everything you've done to me..
I say IDGFF (I Don't Give a Flying Fuck)
But honestly.. I think everyone knows.. Its a blank blow of anger..

Looking back.. 9th November 2008 - 9th November 2009..
All I can say is.. What in the world happened?
I was the only person you spent your birthday with last year..
Oh how honoured I felt that someone would want to spend their special day with just me..
But..this year I am nothing more than a distant memory..
Written in your book of life as history..
The chapter only seen once in a blue moon..
Skimmed through..
Not truly understanding the moral lessons taught in the past stories..

Its seen in human history..
Warnings placed long before the disaster happens..
But do we listen? No we don't..
Why did we disregard the warnings in the first place?
We question ourselves this only AFTER..
What fools we all are.. Fools.
Could the same be said for you? Only time will tell...

I always tell people this.. The age of 16 is the year of change...
Drastic changes always happen.. whether you like it or not..
I told her once, "Its the year of change! Be prepared for it! Good or Bad I'll always be here for you to get you through.."
How was I meant to know I was going to get caught up in all of this?
How could anyone perceive the forecoming events seen in the coming months?
No one knew..
No one...

Chronology in months..
November 08
Happily together.. living the never ending dream.. Blissful..

December 08
Seperated from each other.. Oceans apart.. Sleepless nights and lonely days..

January 09
Visited me in Singapore.. I was to oblivious to notice any change.. after all this time.. I realized alot.. 27th Jan - Told me saying "ILY" felt wrong.

Febuary 09
10th Febuary - Left me with a empty heart
15th Febuary - My first and only valentine.. awkward date...
27th Febuary - Its all gone.. Broken and shattered on the ground with no one around to piece it back together..

March 09
The struggle to hold the friendship together starts..
Other guys, more lies, Shattered skies..

April 09
The Note was written to you..
Week after.. Promises broken..
Friendship torn apart..
Half a month passes..

May 09
Wondered why she hasnt tried to contact me..
A month after.. Said I needed to talk to her face to face..

June 09
Weeks pass.. 3,4,5,6,7...
Waiting for the day I get the opportunity to say what i needed..
The long wait.. Every 2 weeks I ask.. only to be returned with an excuse.
Busy, Mom, Friends, Other plans...
How insignificant I felt.. I didnt have any urgency placed in her life.. Not 1 bit at all..

July 09
After waiting 10 Weeks..
Thats more than 2 months..
Tell me how long do you think i'd have to wait to finally get my say?
The day finally came..
Only to be put down to the ground..
Asked a simple question of why?
I get compared directly to the other guy..
Does it look like I wanted to know what makes him so much god damn better than me?
"He plays the guitar... I wouldn't say cool.. but he's different"
Thanks alot of putting me down in this hole once again...
Ive already struggled enough.. I did NOT need to know..

End of July..
I put forward the idea that I no longer wanted to be friends..
You made it seem like it didnt matter to you..
Easily made the decision to let me go as a friend..
Said "I totally understand your decision.. Just talk to me at group okay? =]"
And I said "No you dont get it.. When I say I dont want to be friends I mean I dont want to talk to you"
She gets mad even though its my decision! Saying things like Fine then!
I'm the one who has to make the first move always time and time again..
This is why im finally taking a stand! Why should I be the first one to jump again?
You didnt catch me when I fell..
It's your turn not mine.

August 09
September 09
October 09
All of which.. No contact what so ever..

As I said.. The year of change..
Biggest change..
Losing your best friend is bad enough..
Losing all respect and trust for one.. worse..
Losing everything that was built.. theres nothing worse..

When we look back at 2009...
Will we say it was a good year or bad? or a big salad of life..
Will I tell my friends that 2009 was a great year?
Hard to say..
First 7 months was complete terror for me..
Following 3 months...
Gained new friends.. 1 or 2 close ones.. well just 1..
Someone who challenged my thoughts and I respect that..
First person who bluntly pointed out my mistakes..
Which is what I wanted all along.. I dont care if it hurts..
It helps me grow as a person..

Its my life goal to learn to be a better person to everyone..
Its a never ending lesson life... Guess we all have to take the fall sometimes..
The Up's And Down's..
Neither can exist without one another..

16 is the year of change..
I once told you that..
Now do you understand what I meant?

"Out with the Old, In with the New.. Just sit back and Enjoy The View"
Enjoy The View - David Choi

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 27th October..

Its exactly 1 year since that fateful day we got together..
I've moved on and all..
But no can can just escape the fact of how things have changed from then till now..

We don't talk..
We can't stand the sight of each other.. (Well I can't)
I resent her for all the lies and shit she put me through..
She's to ignorant to realize she's done anything wrong..

Today 1 year ago,
The first time I've told anyone I Love You..
First time I've said it with all my heart..
Only to get a hesitant reply..

"Of course."
"I love you too." Zzz

I remember that day.. We went to Armageddon just as an excuse to go out..
It was the most boring Armageddon trip ever..
You didn't wanna do anything.. Scared or whatever..
The whole idea of going there is to try things..
When we watched the First episode of Code Geass.. After 10 mins u said it was boring..

Well I LOVE Code Geass!

We just walked up and down the exibition doing nothing.. couldn't try any of the games cause I didn't want to leave u excluded and what nots..
We bought some A&W Root Beer sat down.. and at 11 left the place for lunch...
What a waste of $32.. (me and her tickets.. I paid)

Meh whatever.
My bfff Jenny told me that we would rewrite that day in my life when we go to armageddon this year..
Unfortunatly she couldnt come..
But I still rewrote that day..

I had the best fking day ever..
Played some Rock Band and Guitar Hero on stage!
Went into a competition for best laptimes and WON.
(Jandals, Book and a CD)
And people with the Top 8 times..
GO Head2Head in a DJ Hero tournament to win a DJ Hero Set worth about.. $250?

And guess who won?
WOOO Best day!
Got to even try the new Dj Max Technika game!
Honestly the best game ever...

Its touch screen!!
I love DJMAX!

What could be better right? Winning stuff while having fun with friends while chewing some free Wrigleys 5 gum!!

Exactly! Armegeddon 2009 > 100 (Armegeddon 2008)
(Inequalities rock)
History rewritten, I'm happy right now and no 1 can change that..

Man after all this time I realized It wasn't true.. It wasn't Real..
None of it was..
I know how infatuation feels..
It feels like love but its not..
Cause deep inside the feeling is empty..
You fall cause you were interested in what I had to offer..
Only to a level on entertainment and enjoyment..
Not to a level where you could honestly care for someone like me..

One day,
One of these days..
A feeling of remorse will kick in..
Not anytime in the near future.. but eventually..
If not.. then you havent learnt anything and your still the insolent little girl living in her dream world..
Only waiting for the day it all crumbles before you...
I wont be there.. Cause you arent dragging me along this time.

TBH, I'm sick and tired of topic of her..
I'd rather forget that she existed!
My life is better and only can get better without you..
I have friends who honestly give a fuck about my life and how I'm feeling..

"So I say Goodbye, this is my life
You're not a friend, so stop pretending, Don't even try.
I Say Goodbye, This is my life.
The time has come, I'm moving on.
Its your turn to Cry.

I say Goodbye, tired of the Lie"

Good Bye
Composed by Ruby Tuesday


Friday, October 16, 2009

Go! Take a chance and be strong..

Best song by Boys Like Girls IMHO...
So meaningful and it sounds amazing!

Boys Like Girls - Go by SteelZ

Lyrics :
Little change of the heart
Little light in the dark
Little hope that you just might find
Your way up out of here
'Cause you've been hiding for days
Wasted and wasting away
But I got a little hope today
You'll face your fears

Yeah, I know it's not easy
I know that it's hard
Follow the lights to the city

Get up and go
Take a chance and be strong
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
Don't look back; just go
Take a breath, move on
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
You could spend your whole life holding on

Believe the tunnel can end
Believe your body can mend
Yeah, I know you can make it through
'Cause I believe in you
So let's go put up a fight
Let's go make everything all right
Go on take a shot
Go give it all you got

Oh, yeah, I know it's not easy
I know that it's hard
No, it's not always pretty

Get up and go
Take a chance and be strong
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
Don't look back; just go
Take a breath, move on
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
You could spend your whole life holding on

Don't wanna wake up to the telephone ring
Are you sitting down?
I need to tell you something
Enough is enough
You can stop waiting to breathe
And don't wait up for me

Get up and go
Take a chance and be strong
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
Don't look back; just go
Take a breath, move on
Or you could spend your whole life holding on

Get up and go
Take a chance and be strong
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
Don't look back; just go
Take a breath, move on
Or you could spend your whole life holding on
You could spend your whole life holding on
Don't spend your whole life holding on.


And like it says! Be strong! and move along...

To anyone out there who feels that way..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Regurgitation of the past

Im getting rid of everything soon..
so I'll just post this personal email.. that she sent.. and i replied..
In my usual.. Waffle manner.. Long!
This was in april.. after i'd just had enough of her antics and stupid mind games...

Well...I don't know what to say except I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for not listening to you..about everything...
I appreciate the fact that even after all the shit I put you still want to look out for me...even if it does mean us fighting.

Mates before dates, bros before hoes...I will talk to _____ about everything the next time I talk to him, and I will back down if thats what you want...

I'm sorry I let my heart get the better of me at times...

I just want you to know that I never used you to get over anyone.
And that is the absolute truth.

I hope you have a safe trip to sg...

Hope you have fun.

The thing was.. it took her a week to come up with that...
Now.. would u think there was much thought and effort put into an apology like that?
of course.. I was pissed!
And yes.. i was on holiday.. what a mood killer..

I replied:
Its not what I want...
Dont you dare say your backing down this cause it what I WANT...
Its your Life.. Your decisions.. Do it for your own sake...
Its for your own good... When will you realise this...
If you dont want to be hurt then just listen..
I DO NOT do this cause I want to!!
But I feel like its my responsibility as a friend to keep you safe... No matter or not if you deserve it.. Or how much i resent even helping..

Talking to him the way now is already breaking the promise..
(They we're flirting even though she promised nothing was gonna happened... it was a promose to herself!)
Hooking up doesnt mean anything.. it just makes things official..

If you talk to him like this.. then you two are already together..

Just look at your own position right now...
Why do u follow his agenda when you already know it wont work...
everyone wants to be loved... I know...

But you BOTH know its not meant to be yet you both talk as if you two are together!!

I mean how ridiculous is that?
Stop playing along with his games..
He may seem to do things to show he likes you..
And you think he must since he made the effort to do such things...
Stop reacting to everything he says!

Then think why does he say sweet things even though you two wont EVER be together..

Cant you see he is sweet talking the hell out of you??

NO one is ever that nice.. NO ONE.... Its impossible..

Your so used to the fabricated truth that you dont even realise it...

He just says the things YOU want to hear...

Sure it feels all good and warm..

well learn to live without it..

Loving someone isnt about the sweet words..
Its about trust... And knowing one another..
Tell me does he even know your favourite colours? inorder of preference?.. I Think not...

Thats the method of sweet talking...
Just ask any guy... Its the truth..
You need to learn to realise it...

And youve learnt so well to fabricate your own situation so you feel good...

Know your true friends... Learn to decipher the truth from the lies..

Stop being a fool and believing everything..
Dont just questions the little things..

Question everything...

Your on a collision course to pain..

And if you dont believe me then its your doom..

Not mine..

You are confused and you dont know what to do..

So dont do anything to make things worse...

And stop calling yourself a screw up...
Saying these things doesnt do ANYTHING helpful at all..

If you believe what you say, then you are what you say you are..
A Screw up
....and you'll never change then..

Wheres your self esteem?? Have some respect for yourself..

Stop throwing yourself to others..
Get a grip at your own life!
Pull yourself back up..
You dont need someone who says nice things to be there to be happy..

One day you will thank me for doing this....

Its clear that you have not thought this out clearly enough...

A week to think is not enough.. Dont rush things... Its never that simple...

The word sorry isnt going to make things fade away...

You need to take a time out... Just Stop talking to everyone.. and just THINK...

Stay off the internet and dont talk to anyone online..

Just give YOURSELF some space...
Lay back and look at your own situation...
Get a clear head..
Stay away from all distractions..
Especially Him... (Should have said just Him and not everyone)
And If he says im trying to do something to take you away then SCREW HIM..
Thats the no.1 sign that he doesnt care about what your feelings...

Give yourself 2 weeks or so.. Just Stay away.. Dont tempt yourself..
(She promised me that she'd do it on MSN... She broke it 3 days later)

I swear to you this...
If it doesnt help then Ill leave you alone forever..

When you come have a clear mind then come and talk to me...

Dont give me half thought out answers...

Talk to your friends.. Especially ____.. Shes such a good friend to you... yet.. She doesnt even know your situation.. Just spend time talking to her about it...
Like you said.. Mates before Dates..

Talk to her..

She deserves to know.. Tell her the truth.. dont change to words to make things sound nicer.. Just say the truth..
Dont fabricate things..

Even if its something she doesnt like.. just say it..

If its one person u can truly trust completely.. Its her..

Take one day to just sit down and have a one on one conversation... hear her thoughts on it.. It might help..
Maybe you'll come to a resolution..

I need time and space too..

Maybe I'll talk to you after the hols..

Right now I just cant take it..
You have a good holiday too...

Finally.. Got more things out...
And yes its holidays now! And ive never been happier the entire year!
Somethings have changed..
but Im living life well..
I've changed...
I'm definately not that weak boy that you once could push around.. Not anymore..

Maybe one day I'll forget all this and start fresh...
But thats a long way from now..


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